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All types of investigations

You’re getting a divorce and you suspect your spouse of hiding something from you? You want to find out more about his daily life? You are a professional and one of your creditors has mysteriously disappeared without leaving a new address? You doubt the loyalty of one of your employees?

If you’re in any of these situations, we are at your service. You can contact us for investigations of any kind:

  • Commercial or industrial litigation
  • Breach of trust
  • Missing persons

Why choose M2IC?

If you are looking for a renowned private detective, M2IC is your ideal partner. Indeed, we are experienced and there are many reasons to trust us:

  • Free and personalized quote
  • Strict work ethic : legality, legitimacy and morality
  • Investigators are subject to professional secrecy
  • Approval of the ministry of interior

For more information, feel free to contact M2IC at :


112 avenue de paris
94300 vincennes